Against Sugar

Gary Taubes has written a substantial and important book summarizing the evidence that table sugar is a toxin. In this article, from Aeon, Taubes summarizes his thoughts and marshals the evidence in a highly readable and convincing form.

Briefly, he dismisses the older idea that sugar – through its calories – causes obesity that then causes diabetes and heart disease. Instead he brilliantly summarizes the evidence that sugar – fructose in table sugar, in fact – alters metabolism so as to cause insulin resistance and obesity together.

Recently, in a far more plodding and regrettably long article I parsed through what I consider the most important evidence for what Taubes discusses: Recent trial work comparing fructose to glucose that shows the former acts like a toxin.

Read this excellent summary by Taubes, and consider buying his book – listed at the end.

Disclaimer: I do not know Taubes and have no financial connections to his book. Just admiration for a terrific public intellectual.

Here is a recent blurb from FitBit that does a good summary of sugar ills.


7 Responses to “Against Sugar”

  1. Aidan

    Thanks for educating us and presenting the possibility of prevention,where I had till recently given up hope. Is there a meal calorie threshold which causes raises blood sugars, to a level that triggers this spike in urinary calcium? If so I would be curious about the effect of meal frequency and eating low glycemic index foods, having read this article.

    • Fredric Coe, MD

      Hi Aidan, I believe I answered as best I could to your other version of this question on the page about my giving up sugar. Regards Fred Coe

      • Aidan Power

        Thank you , and apologies – I had an issue with my browser (didnt think the question had submitted properly , so had retried).

  2. Laurel Jenner

    Thank you for sharing this excellent article. I’d love to see some sort of research done that might tie the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup (my description of poison) in the late 1970’s to the increase of childhood asthma, autism, ADHD, etc.

    I was a big fan of Dr. Atkins for introducing many to low carbohydrate diets. I began following his principles in the mid 90’s. I felt so much better as well as losing some weight. It was shortly after I began developing kidney stones, many blamed it on too much protein. Unfortunately, Dr. Atkins’ company began to make too much money creating and selling many processed foods. I’m thankful many experts have continued to study and publish information on this subject. Decreasing the bad carbohydrates is no longer considered a fad. It’s good for us. More ‘fad’ diets have made the news, for example Paleo. In my opinion they are not a fad, we should be eating this way.

  3. Martha Guy

    I just started reading the case against sugar. I have dropped my triglycerides from high to normal and my A1C from 5.9 to normal in 6 months. Also dropped half of one of my blood pressure pills. I feel so much better. Before I was constipated all the time and felt nauseated. That’s all gone. Every time I think I can overdue and eat sugar like cookies and cake I feel bloated and sick to my stomach
    I appreciate all your information and also jill’s. It keeps me on track I do go a fall a little but get right back. I have only one kidney so I have to protect it. My labs from the urologist have been very good also. More work to do though keep me on track .


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