Many of you will leave your doctor’s office with questions about foods and kidney stone prevention. You will go home. You will sit down at your desk and the Googling will begin. Here is a spot for you to ask me anything you like about this topic. We already have things on this site about salt, oxalate, and calcium but this space is for specific issues for anyone who comes.

114 Responses to “FOODS”

  1. Lisa

    how many oxalates are in oatmeal?

    Thank you so much for the help. I haven’t been able to find anything on Google to give me an oxalate value

  2. Nino

    How much oxolate is in black eye peas

    • Fredric Coe, MD

      I will hope Jill will answer this one. Fred Coe

    • jharris

      Hi Nino,
      I don’t have a reliable source for this food. When I don’t, I give this advice and it has been without a problem for many years: Eat the food in normal portion sizes and once a week!


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