Many of you will leave your doctor’s office with questions about foods and kidney stone prevention. You will go home. You will sit down at your desk and the Googling will begin. Here is a spot for you to ask me anything you like about this topic. We already have things on this site about salt, oxalate, and calcium but this space is for specific issues for anyone who comes.

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    Do you have a newsletter or any other info that you send by email? I would like to be on your mailing list for what to what to eat and avoid if I am told that I need to avoid oxalates. I am exhausted trying to do research!! Doctors in Bakersfield are NO help and are over worked and dont seem to care. Thank you! 661 330 9390

    • jharris

      Hi Debbie,
      We both send newsletters. You can sign up at the homepage of this site and I have a site too that you will find helpful here:
      Best, Jill

  2. Liz Docherty

    My stone composition is a mixture of calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate monohydrrate what is best supplyment to take.

  3. Bob

    Jill, I also have Diabetes Type 2. Friends have told me that I should try Juice 2 Pills to help combat Diabetes. Do you know anything about these pills and whether they ‘d have an impact on Oxolate and sodium intake?


    • jharris

      Hi Bob,
      I am not a fan of pills of any sort when you can be eating wonderful fruits and veggies. Fruits that are high in fiber so as to control blood sugar are better than fruits without fiber, like grapes. I do not know the oxalate level of those pills and the sodium would be listed on the label I would think. The extra nutrients and fiber you get from food are much better for you and your Type 2 diabetes!
      Thanks for writing, Jill

  4. Peggy M Cheek

    1. In the food list it has Olive Oil & Vinegar but no serving size. Can you give that?

    2.Stevia Sweetner 1 tsp Very High 42 mg. Is this the only sweetener to be concerned with? Does Monk Fruit sweetener go in the Artificial Sweetener 1 packet, very low 1 mg ?

    3. I thought I was doing great with not having any stone issues in 4 years..But to my dismay, I have two large and numerous ones in each kidney. I am having laser treatment on Tuesday to get the one stuck in my tube and if possible, hit the large one behind it. If that cant be accomplished, the lithotripsy yet again! Can you make a special diet for me? I need No oxylates to under 50 a day, Keto friendly and careful with the Vitamin K due to Factor V (not on blood thinner)? Thank you for your time.

    • Adrienne

      Waiting to hear if someone can help. I think Peggy and I were separated at birth. I have Leidens factor V (although now on low dose Eliquis– way better than Coumadin, Keto for 2 years.


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