Many of you will leave your doctor’s office with questions about foods and kidney stone prevention. You will go home. You will sit down at your desk and the Googling will begin. Here is a spot for you to ask me anything you like about this topic. We already have things on this site about salt, oxalate, and calcium but this space is for specific issues for anyone who comes.

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  1. Virginia Albanese

    I have been treated for hypOtension with increased sodium and now recommended low salt since I had a large kidney stone. How can these two diets be reconciled.

    • jharris

      Hi Virginia,
      Are there other reasons you have formed the stone? Have you had a 24 hour urine collection to see what your problem is?
      Let me know,

  2. Dee B

    Hello, my kidney stone test reported finding my stone as carbonate appatite at 100%
    my urologist was not sure if this is a calcium stone or not. Can you please send me any help or information on what type of stone this is? They report that I have 20-50 of them in both kidneys from my CT Scan. I am determined to resolve this health issue. Yet, I do not know if I should be moderating calcium or what other foods can cause such a drastic problem (that suddenly showed up). Thank you so much.

    • Fredric L Coe, MD

      Hi Dee, I answered your question under Kidney Stone Analysis. Diet change needs to be properly guided by a diagnosis. Take a look at my other answer to you. Fred


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