Video Article: How Stones Form

MeThis is the first of what may become a series of articles done as videos.

The site is now a reasonably complete knowledge base but many of the ideas are hard to get and there is a lack of overview materials that are integrative.

That is what I plan for these video articles to do.

This first one tells about how crystals form and how they form specifically in kidneys to create stones and nephrocalcinosis.

It draws upon many of the articles as a base and pulls them together into one narrative.

It also adds materials not found anywhere else on the site because best presented in a video format.

Please let me know what you think.

Regards, Fred Coe

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  1. Albert Svede

    Hi, I’ve had four episodes of kidney stones and their removal, all of which took place in the hospital over a span of fifty years. The first was removed, the second and third by use of a stent, finally the last episode which was last week and the stone was removed.
    All of the these stones were Calcium Oxalate.
    The last stone was composed of 80% calcium monohydrate, 10% calcium oxalate dihydrate and 10% calcium phosphate (hydeoxy- and carbonate- apatite).
    Will eating more calcium rich dairy products be of value to me? Are there any drugs that would be of beneficial use to me?
    Thank you,


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