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Hi, I’m Jill Harris. My role is to help you do what your physician has asked you to do to prevent kidney stones.

In my 12 years of experience with thousands of patients at Litholink Corporation, I have found almost all questions fit into one of three categories:  Foods, Fluids, and Lifestyle.

I have placed two sections here, one on fluids and one on foods.

Just click on the topic – food or fluids, and put your comment or question at the end of the section as a reply.

I will do my best.

Everyone who comes after you can see, and add their own.



How much and what? We have already written a lot about this, but everyone has specific questions. This is the place to ask them.



Many of you will leave your doctor's office with questions about foods and kidney stone prevention. You will go home. You will sit down at your desk and the Googling will begin. Here is a spot for you to ask me anything you like about this topic. We already have...

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