The Dropsical Woman, Gerard Dou, 1663
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Guide Book

The kidney stone guidebook has links to everything on the site. It contains personalized prevention, specific types of stones, meal plans, and more. Broken down into articles by chapter and articles by topic, you can explore or search depending on your familiarity and needs.

Video Collection

All of the site videos are here, standalones and those that belong to special articles. The collected videos range widely from article based to long form presentations about major problems in stone disease.

New Book

New book I have written to improve kidney stone prevention with diet. It helps patients understand how the normal functions of the kidney respond to fluids and diet you choose, and produce stones or not depending on your own decisions. Not an easy read but very valuable.

Articles For Patients

How Science Works

How Science Works

A new video about how science works What is it About? All we know about kidney stones arose at one time or another from scientific research. The same for everything on this site. Beyond the borders of stone disease, one might say this for all of physical modernity. No...

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