A Free New Book About Kidney Stones

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Why Another Book?

It has long been my impression that discussion of kidney stone formation arises less out of the rich detail of kidney function than out of specialized accounts of urine chemistry. This site and the mass of reviews and textbooks seem to share this weakness, that I believe limits understanding and patient care.

Stones form in urine, certainly, but kidneys produce urine in order to regulate blood levels of stone forming materials, and balance their excretions (and that of water) against intakes. So far as I can tell, kidneys must produce urine that satisfies these two life sustaining biological requirements irregardless of whether or not a particular combination of water and mineral losses raises kidney stone risk. So our behavior drives stones, and it is how kidneys regulate blood levels and balance excretions against intakes that translates our behavior into stone formation. I wrote this new book in an attempt to make this translation better understood, in the interest of improved stone prevention.

What is This New Book?

I describe how kidneys fashion urine to match maintain steady and correct blood volume and levels of sodium, calcium, phosphate and acidity, despite what we eat and drink. Looked at from that point of view, urine saturation becomes – as a biological necessity – seemingly incidental, and kidneys indifferent as to whether or not stones will form. On the other hand, over evolutionary time stones must have been a great hazard, pointing to a need for better study aimed at possible safeguards not immediately apparent – at least to me. All of our treatments act on the renal systems that control concentrations and balance, and that has implications for physicians and patients.

The Site Already Has a Book

Its central pylon is a page called ‘Kidney Stone Book‘. It holds a collection of articles written in the form of book chapters each focused on a particular topic. Together they make up what I have chosen as a worthwhile online book for a wide audience. In form it resembles many of the textbooks I have written or edited on the subject. Like them, it fails to show how stones arise as an byproduct of normal renal regulation of stone forming materials. But it does work well as a convenient online source for the kind of information all of us use.

Something in Return

The site and the book have no cost as I believe it a proper thing to make knowledge available everywhere. But in return I would appreciate your knowledge, a kind of trade. The book is version 1. If you find infelicities or downright errors, or a better way to put things, please let me know. A site comment is best as it creates a permanent record on the site so I can be sure and make good use of your contribution. An email is alright, too, but more apt to loss.

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