This page has only one article because I have not been active enough in getting surgeons to write for us. It is very good, and covers a leading surgical modality. I need to get more of them.

The Surgeon, David Teniers the Younger, Flemish, 1610 – 1690, hangs in the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk Virginia.

Ureteroscopy – An excellent review of this modern technique

Percutaneous NephrolithotomyAn equally excellent review of this complex stone surgery


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  1. Mihir trivedi

    I am interested in learning about kidney nephrosis and why and how it occurs and how to repair. I have had kidney pain and have previously had multiple lithotripsy. This time round the doctor performed a CT scan and noted I have an approximately .9 mm stone in my ureter half way between the kidney and bladder. The doctor says uretoscopy is the only was as lithotripsy will not achieve a good result as the stone is in an are of the ureter behind the pelvis. I am not In pain right now but the CT scan showed that the kidney is moderate nehprosis. Currently the doctor says we can try and wait for the stone to pass or do the uretroscopy. He thinks it is is a low chance of passing even if I do not have symptoms and if left too long can cause permanent kidney damage. I am not sure what to do. Should I wait a couple of weeks to see if it passes or go ahead with the surgery.


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