This big topic includes the miseries of stone pain and the array of other diseases that constellate with stones either because stones cause them or because stones are part of a manifold of disease.

Bone disease is common in kidney stone formers and often ascribed to idiopathic hypercalciuria or willful low calcium diet misused in stone prevention. But that bone disease may not be only from such causes but part of a larger complex.

The engraving is just one of many one can find showing what stone removal was like – all bladder stones – in early times. 

Pain and Injury from Stones


How do kidney stones cause pain?

Kidney Injury

Passing a stone: How Long Can You Wait?

Hypertension, vascular disease and kidney disease

Kidney stones, Stroke, and Myocardial infarction – Increased risk in stone formers, especially younger women

How to lower blood pressure in kidney stone patients – Detailed instructions for patients

Kidney stones, kidney function, kidney disease – What is kidney function, evidence stones reduce it

Kidney stones can cause kidney disease – Detailed version of preceding article

Glomerular filtration – Background article on the main kidney function physicians measure

How kidneys function – This page contains all three kidney disease articles and some comment as well

The true meaning of renal clearance High level, explains why small reductions of kidney function may have large systemic effects

Case 6: Bariatric surgery and kidney injury – A special cause of serious kidney injury

Bone Disease

Idiopathic hypercalciuria This common trait of stone formers is a leading bone disease suspect

Control your salt for less stones and stronger bones – How sodium contributes to bone disease

Our diet promotes stones and bone disease – How our diet causes bone mineral loss

Does too much protein damage bones or promote stone disease? – A controversy exists whether protein damages bone

Sodium and Sugar: Nemeses for bones, hypertension, stones and health in general

Salt – Detailed article on how sodium does such harm

Against Sugar – The evils of sugar for stones and health

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