The most common kind of stone former has no systemic disease as a cause of stones – ‘idiopathic’ stone former means that. Being most common, their treatments rank highest for all physicians who treat stone formers.

These articles include the treatment trials.

This charming Kitchen Scene by Joachim Beuckelaer (1533 – 1573) is oil on wood panel and hangs in the Louvre. 


Patient Q&A page about fluids – Underused; we answer questions

How to drink enough water – Tips and day plans

How to get a variety of fluids – Which fluids cause which prevent stones

Fluid prescription for kidney stones – A serious article about how much you need

Does water prevent stones; What’s your bet? – The water trial, evidence fluids work

Web apps and smart bottles – A poll of users and list of what is available

The low flows People who do not like fluids

ACP Guidelines: Fluids – Defective review that can mislead physicians and patients

Kidney Stone Diet

What is it?

Three Essentials – Out of the welter of the diet, three essential steps that do most of the work if used exactly right

Canary in the mine shaft – Stone forming may signal abnormal risk from diet for kidney, vascular and bone disease

Our diet promotes stones, bone disease and hypertension – What is wrong with what we eat

Something Special Women Do – Women selectively absorb alkali from their food, protecting themselves from acid loads

The kidney stone dietLess sodium and sugar, more calcium and potassium; control protein and oxalate

The science of the kidney stone dietThe Evidence behind the kidney stone diet

How to eat the kidney stone diet – Resources and links

Recipes for the kidney stone diet – A book of 31 recipes that accord with the diet requirements

Meal Plans for the Kidney Stone DietMeal plans that has in it all the things for stone prevention and tastes good


How to lower diet sodium – How to achieve the kidney stone diet sodium intake

Control your salt for fewer stones and stronger bones – Importance of sodium reduction

Salt Detailed review of how sodium causes stones, bone disease, and hypertension

Case 3: A success story – How a wife and husband managed low sodium diet and hydration (for him)

Calcium protein and potassium

How to Eat a High Calcium Low Sodium Diet – How to achieve the kidney stone diet calcium intake

Diet protein and potassium  – Animal protein hardly raises stone risk unless extreme; veggies lower it

Does too much protein increase stones or damage bones? – Yes for stones, no for bones; how much to eat


Why eat a low oxalate diet? – When do you need to control diet oxalate

How to eat a low oxalate diet – How to control diet oxalate intake; oxalate lists


How to wean off sugar – Tips and alternatives

Science and politics of the US diet guidelines – Sugar scandals and the myth of the low fat diet

Against sugar – Gary Taubes’ reporting on the sugar scandal and sugar as poison

Consumer Reports Recommend Low Diet Sodium and Sugar – Experts recommend this

Sugar: The end of our love affair – My personal story about ending sugar addiction

More help

Food Q&A page – Questions answered

Online education course reduces stone risk factors – Preliminary data from online diet education course

Kidney stone prevention course – Online course by Jill Harris to help with diet

Take charge of your kidney stone prevention – Inspirational and practical advice by Jill Harris


Thiazide diuretics for stone prevention – Types, how they work, how to use them, the trial data links

Citrate to prevent calcium and uric acid stones – The citrate trials

Price of potassium citrate – Ways around the over pricing scandal (check out comments)

How potassium citrate pills work – Deep biology of citrate

Citrate and the Ostwald limit – Highly technical science

Calcium binding by citrate – Highly technical science

Potassium citrate: The contributions of Dr. Charles Pak – Review of classic research papers

ACP Guidelines on Medications – Defective review that can mislead physicians and patients

Diet and Meds Together

Treatment of idiopathic calcium stones – All the trials, and diet, how to use them together: Key article

Chapter 5: Idiopathic calcium stones – A lighter version of the prior article

Chapter 6: Why delay prevention? – Even one stone is enough to begin diagnosis and treatment

An expert rebukes ACP guidelines – Defective guidelines need serious critics like this one


The coke treatment is useless – Seemingly without a reason to exist

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